Terry Fox Story continues to inspire in Thornhill

Blaine Sikich was only 12 when he watched Terry Fox attempt his historic run across Canada and the tragic end that followed.
“The heartbreak of it when it ended touched the whole country,” Sikich said Sunday at the Thornhill Terry Fox Run. “I was no different, it left such an impression on me that he became a hero of mine.”
Sikich, the organizer of the Thornhill Terry Fox Run, was among the participants and volunteers who arrived early Sunday morning at Thornlea Secondary School. They are participating in the 36th annual Terry Fox Run which is held every year across Canada on the second Sunday after Labour Day.


Thornhill Terry Fox Run organizer Blaine Sikich inspired at an impressionable age

Blaine Sikich was at an impressionable age when he first heard of Terry Fox’s run across Canada. Like the rest of the country, Sikich was saddened and touched when Fox’s life ended. But Sikich was also inspired to organize his very first Terry Fox Run, at the time using the dirt field behind his public school. Ever since then the Thornhill man has been involved one way or another.