Organizer of Terry Fox Run on Toronto Island

Looking back and moving forward on Ward’s Island

For Jordan Hill, organizer of the Ward’s Island Terry Fox Run, the event is more than just a way to commemorate Fox’s legacy. To him, the fundraiser has a more intimate meaning.
“My mom was a huge Terry Fox fan and so I grew up with Terry Fox,” said Hill. “This run is actually in her memory, she passed away from lung cancer [in] 1998, and so after we’ve done a run here on her behalf.”

Terry Fox Story continues to inspire in Thornhill

Blaine Sikich was only 12 when he watched Terry Fox attempt his historic run across Canada and the tragic end that followed.
“The heartbreak of it when it ended touched the whole country,” Sikich said Sunday at the Thornhill Terry Fox Run. “I was no different, it left such an impression on me that he became a hero of mine.”
Sikich, the organizer of the Thornhill Terry Fox Run, was among the participants and volunteers who arrived early Sunday morning at Thornlea Secondary School. They are participating in the 36th annual Terry Fox Run which is held every year across Canada on the second Sunday after Labour Day.

How the Terry Fox Run helps Susan Gapka finds her inner strength

Five years ago, a grieving friend who had just lost her spouse to cancer invited Susan Gapka to participate in the Terry Fox Run. That friend was Olivia Chow and her husband was Jack Layton, then leader of the federal New Democratic Party. Now, Gapka runs not only to remember her own close friends who have succumbed to the disease, but also to raise money for cancer research.

Terry runs for Terry in Brampton

At the age of twenty-one, Terry Wood’s brother Richard was diagnosed with cancer. It was 2001, and the Brampton woman decided to channel her emotions to help the cause and start organizing for the Terry Fox event held at the local school that bears Terry Fox’s name. Wood did eventually lose her brother to cancer, but this kept her pushing to stay involved.

“It was a terrible thing, and a very sad thing but it’s life,” Wood said Sunday at the annual Terry Fox Run at the Heart Lake location.

Why Scarborough’s West Hill Terry Fox Run keeps the tradition alive

A passion for helping to cure cancer brought two friends together again at the West Hill Terry Fox Run on Sunday. The pair, Alex Walters and Shawn Mills, both runners, have known each other since high school, when they were both on track and field teams. Mills befriended Walters back then and taught him how to run properly.

Walters has participated in the Terry Fox Run for 28 consecutive years. His own father was a doctor and made Walters aware, at a young age, about the seriousness of cancer.