Fashion Santa runs for Terry Fox and for his mother


TORONTO, ONTARIO: Dripping in sweat, Paul Mason, known as “Fashion Santa,” completes his first Terry Fox Run on Sunday in honour of his late mother, Donna Mason, who died of liver cancer four years ago. (Bobby Hristova | Photo)

By Bobby Hristova, Centennial Journalism

Santa came in September.

Complete with a snow-white beard, Paul Mason, better known as “Fashion Santa,” finished his first Terry Fox Run on Sunday at the Toronto Central YMCA as a “tribute” to his mother, Donna Mason.

His mother died of liver cancer in Feb. 2013, only two weeks after her diagnosis.

Although Mason struggled with his mother’s death, he would eventually reinvent himself and his story became viral while working at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

Mason tells Centennial Journalism’s Bobby Hristova about dealing with death and how he created his persona. Listen here.