74-years-old cancer survivor walks one kilometre to support cancer research

By Tiffany Fung, Centennial Journalism

MARKHAM, ONTARIO: Lidia Fellim, 74, at the Terry Fox Run located in Unionville, Markham on Sunday, September 17. Fellim is a cancer survivor and walked one kilometre to contribute to cancer research. (Photo by Tiffany Fung)

Lidia Fellim, a 74-year-old cancer survivor, attends the annual Terry Fox Run in Unionville on Sunday, September 17. Fellim explains how important it is for people to contribute to cancer research by attending the event. Sharing her own story, Fellim was diagnosed with different kinds of cancers, such as breast and bone cancer, but she is alive because of cancer research. This year marks Fellim’s 25th year participating in the event, and throughout the years, her team has raised over $13,000. Fellim’s goal is to encourage more people to participate so less people will be affected by cancer in the future. Listen here.