How the Terry Fox Run helps Susan Gapka finds her inner strength

Toronto woman completes Terry Fox Run 2016.

Susan Gapka after finishing her 10K run for Terry Fox at the Central YMCA in Toronto. (Bambang Sadewo/photo)

by Bambang Sadewo, Centennial Journalism

Five years ago, a grieving friend who had just lost her spouse to cancer invited Susan Gapka to participate in the Terry Fox Run. That friend was Olivia Chow and her husband was Jack Layton, then leader of the federal New Democratic Party. Now, Gapka runs not only to remember her own close friends who have succumbed to the disease, but also to raise money for cancer research. Losing loved ones is never easy, especially if you never got the chance to say goodbye. But instead of staying feeling helpless, Gapka finds a purpose in running for charities. As she tells Centennial Journalism’s Bambang Sadewo, it empowers her and provides a way for her to give back.

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