Success at The Beaches Terry Fox Run 2016

Anna Liscio (far left) and her team of co-workers at the Terry Fox Run in Toronto September 18, 2016. (Nicole Royle photo)

Anna Liscio (far left) and her team of co-workers at the Terry Fox Run in Toronto September 18, 2016. (Nicole Royle photo)

by Nicole Royle, Centennial Journalism

As a scientific advisor for the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Paul Uehling experiences the benefits of the Terry Fox Run first hand.

“I understand how this money is being used and what advances we’re making,” said Uehling. “It’s a great cause and a fun experience.”

Uehling was one of over 400 participants gathered Sunday at the Toronto Beaches to take part in the local community’s 35th Terry Fox Run. As one of the longest running Terry Fox locations in Toronto, The Beaches run always enjoys a strong turnout of participants and fundraising.

Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope across Canada 36 years ago. After undergoing a leg amputation as a result of bone cancer, Fox set out to complete his marathon and raise money for research. Fox was unable to finish the marathon once his cancer spread to his lungs. The Terry Fox Foundation hosts the Terry Fox Run annually as a fundraiser to make those extra kilometres which Fox was unable to complete.

“Last time we checked, it was $76,000,” said Ahmed Aman, event organizer. This figure is from online donations alone and is expected to rise once the final donations have been gathered. “I don’t think there is any better way of spending your Sunday morning.”

Uehling shared Aman’s enthusiasm.

“Everybody here is doing it for the same reason, or set of reasons. Everyone here has something in common,” Uehling said.

Anna Liscio lost both grandparents to cancer; one to prostate and the other to oral cancer. Liscio ran with a team of co-workers. She is aware of how crucial cancer treatments are to those patients who are suffering.

“I think it’s a very inspirational run,” Liscio said. “I have actually raised $750 myself. I’m just so proud that the money can go towards something so phenomenal and meaningful.”

According to the Terry Fox website, before tallying the donations from the 2016 event, the Foundation has been able to raise over $650 million to date, for cancer research advancements.

With the support of her colleagues, Anna Liscio crossed the finish line after running 10 kilometres at the Toronto Beaches Terry Fox Run Sunday morning. Liscio was one of over 400 participants inspired by the foundation, as well as the man behind the event. Liscio spoke to Centennial Journalism’s Nicole Royle.

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