Terry Fox Run organizer achieves 16 years of successful fundraising for cancer esearch

by Sonya Nov-San, Centennial Journalism

Bridget Macdonald is a well-known resident of  Toronto’s Ward’s Island.
Her car-free home is just a short ferry ride away from the lake front
of Toronto.   Macdonald often babysat for the children of her island
neighbour, Terry McCath-Hill, before the woman died in 1988.

After 16 years of successful Terry Fox fundraising, MacDonald is ready to pass the
torch to Jordan Hill, her friend’s son. This year, MacDonald expects to
raise $30,000 for cancer research, both from Sunday’s run and eight
other ongoing community events in honour of her friend.

She tells Centennial Journalism’s Sonya Nov-San how the whole island
pitches in for the fundraiser. Listen here.


Jordan Hill, Bridget Macdonald and two volunteers on Ward’s Island/Sonya Nov-San photo