Mixing personal with business for Terry Fox 2013

by Juenelle Barkie, Centennial Journalism

Toronto public school principal Maureen Coyle makes it an annual event. She and her family take part in the Terry Fox Run. Mid-morning last Sunday, she stood  proudly beside her son, Owen, 11, who ran and walked the full 10 kilometres for the first time. Coyle says her friend’s teenaged daughter battled cancer at 14 . And says we as Canadians should follow in the footsteps of Fox, who she calls an amazing Canadian. She tells Centennial Journalism’s Juenelle Barkie that “If Terry Fox could do it on one leg then we should be able to do it at all times.” Listen to the interview here.

Mother and son

Maureen Coyle and son Owen, 11, at 2013 Terry Fox Run/photo by Juenelle Barkie