Variety Village director of communications recruits public figures to tell the charity’s stories

by Clayton Elmy, Centennial Journalism

Lynda Elmy is the director of communications at the Variety Village, a community center and charity that caters to Torontonians with special needs.  She regularly co-ordinates with Toronto businesses, activists and media personalities to secure funding and publicity for what is colloquially known as “The Village”.  Elmy has engaged in community outreach with a range of public figures, ranging from CTV’s Tom Brown to Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. of the Teamsters. Listen to her interview here.

photo courtesy of Lynda Elmy

Lyna Elmy with CTV's Tom Brown at the Lieutenant Governor's Games, photo courtesy Lynda Elmy

In cue: “I work at Variety Village…”

Runs: 3 minutes, 10 seconds

Out cue: “…he just goes for it.”