Teen girl stabbed at Ajax Ontario high school “over a boy”, witness says


By Courtney Roberts

High school violence continues in the region of Durham, after a 16 year old girl was stabbed in the chest and torso during an altercation with another female outside an Ajax high school.

            On Friday October 24th around 9:30 a.m. Durham Regional Police from 19 Division were summoned to Archbishop Dennis O’Connor Catholic secondary school, after being informed of a stabbing. By the time they had arrived at the school, the 16 year old female victim had already been rushed to a nearby hospital by friends. Police say the accused, a 16 year old female, now faces charges of aggravated assault and possession of dangerous weapons.

            Investigators believe that what began as a verbal confrontation over a boy, escalated and became physical. During the incident the victim was pierced in the abdomen and slashed across the chest with a knife. She suffered non-life threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

            Media relations spokesperson Dave Selby, of the Durham Regional Police described the incident as “Nothing new.”

“We are certainly seeing more girl on girl violence than we did a few years ago, however, it’s not nearly as commonplace as male violence,” Selby said.

            Investigators allege that, after the incident, the accused, also a 16 year old female, asked a 16 year old male to dispose of the knife. Police say the knife was later taken to an Ajax residence and thrown down a storm drain by two females, half an hour after they spoke with investigators. Police say the male who received the knife denied having any knowledge of the knife or its whereabouts and is being charged with aggravated assault and obstructing a Peace Officer for his attempt to aid the accused in the investigation.

Another 16 year old female and a 17 year old female are charged with aggravated assault for their attempts to aid the female accused in the investigation.

A 16 year old female friend of the victim, who also attends Dennis O’Connor but didn’t want her name used, said, “I knew there was an issue between the girls, but I didn’t know it would go this far.” She notes, “It’s sad because girls fight over guys all the time.”

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact detective Rob Silipo of the Ajax/Pickering Criminal Investigation Branch at (905) 579-1520 ext 2593. Anonymous tips can be made to Durham Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).