Baby falls out of stroller on TTC bus

Baby mama drama

Tristan Carter

Sept. 16th, 2008


An infant’s cries and a mother’s screams set a scary scene on the TTC this afternoon as a woman lost control of her stroller, resulting in an incident which could have ended much worse than it did.

Around 1pm Tuesday afternoon a mother was lifting a stroller up the stairs of the 95B bus at Victoria Park Avenue and Ellesmere Road when the unrestrained child fell out of the large stroller and landed face first on the curb. She quickly picked up the infant, which appeared to be no more than a couple of months old.

“How could you not help me!” she yelled at the driver, among other things.

According to eyewitnesses, moments before she attempted to board the bus the woman had refused offers of assistance from other commuters waiting in line.

The lady exited the bus immediately following the incident and it is unknown at this point whether or not she plans on taking any legal action against the TTC. What was clear to many people on board was that the driver was in no way responsible and if anyone is to be blamed it is the negligent mother.

“Don’t worry about it boss, it’s not your fault,” one passenger said to the driver. Others urged the driver to continue on so that they could make it to work or school. The operator halted the bus at the scene for several minutes before proceeding.

Although crying, the child appeared to be unharmed. However, at such a young age, the long term effects of such an impact are no doubt a concern. Another woman with a one year old baby in a much smaller stroller boarded the bus at the same stop following the incident and was helped by a fellow passenger. A similar occurrence was not witnessed as her child was properly strapped into her stroller.