Kris Howe’s Unique Memorabilia at Milton’s Terry Fox Run

Kris Howe recounts the history of a particular antique T-shirt which she saves in a shadow display box. Howe was the event organizer for 2017’s Terry Fox Run in Milton, Ontario, and has been for eight years. Her younger brother got the T-shirt, which reads “Terry Fox — Ten Million Dollar Push” while what is now a global movement was just beginning in 1981.

Terry’s Legacy Lives on in Pickering volunteer

Shayelle Smith, Centennial Journalism Following her recovery from a broken ankle that kept her away from the marathon for years, Rosalind Kentish returned to the Terry Fox Run on Sunday. Kentish’s youngest son was born the year of Terry Fox’s death, in 1981, making the event significant to her. This year she was running in…

Terry Fox participant

84-year-old Verla Fiveash talks cancer prevention, the loss of her son and being a community leader

Verla Fiveash, 84, has been a community leader for as long as she can remember. She has been a Scarborough resident since 1969 and has grown quite attached to her tight-knit community. Fiveash has been an organizer and volunteer for over 30 years and this year’s 36th annual Terry Fox Run at Cedar Brook Park was no exception. Fiveash lost her son to colon cancer in February, 2017. He was 57 years old.